Why Leader program at Win?

The CenterWin modules will put the management knowledge in your “managerial pocket” so that you have it ready when you need it: NOW!
The courses will help you to continuously improve & systematically evolve your processes within your team, department or company/organization.
But that is only half of the story, because all courses are based on decades of international industrial and/or organizational experience and not straight academic textbook forward classes.
You will profit on interactive contribution and less “boring teaching”.
Each 1-day course develops individually as the students contribute with their challenges & experiences from corporate life.

The lecturer acts in the center of the classroom and not purely as a teacher but more as a coach & moderator giving directions, structure and fosters evolution in the students professional life.
Never forget that no course will give you all you ever want from it.
It is not a “one-time-event” which fulfills your expectations, giving you all and answers all your questions or solves many of your problems. The center-win modules will take you on a path which is much more valuable than straight forward answers (which might be an illusion anyway):


And as Confucius put it: THE WAY IS THE GOAL !


Note: For those who want to dive in deeper after the CenterWin modules, the Singidunum University will offer you a lean-MBA©. The lean-MBA© is a 1-semester certification program in which you will master your personal weaknesses you might have as a team-leader, manager or CEO without wasting time for the many side-subjects taught in a classic MBA or EMBA. 

Instructor and lecturer


Training sessions that will be conducted in person. Depending on the training needs, it is possible to organize them either in our facilities or yours. Win has classrooms with a capacity of 60 participants per group.

Training sessions that will be conducted online using Microsoft Teams or Google Meet platforms. Each participant receives free access to the mentioned platforms during the training.

Customized training tailored to the client’s preferences and needs.

Leader program – modules

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