Lean philosophy


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1 day on-site, 8 hours


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Course description

This course serves as an introduction into the world of LEAN. The LEAN PHILOSOPHY carries the basic idea of WASTE elimination. WASTE of all kinds you can imagine! Within the corporate world but also in governmental organizations and NGO´s the removal of WASTE within a process will make processes more effective and efficient (= fewer working hours & stress)!

Improving an organizations productivity and sustainability equals also value creation for customers and not only offers internal benefits.

This course is an ideal complementation of other WIN courses such as Change Management & Leadership, Lean Project Management and Continuous Improvement & Metrics and can act as a perfect precursor for your LEAN SIX SIGMA Green or Black Belt course.

Learning objectives

You will learn basics of a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course, the 8 types of WASTE, the 5 principles of LEAN such as value identification, mapping a value stream, creating flow, what can a “pull-system” do for you and what are the requirements for it and finally continuous improvement efforts (KAIZEN).

Learning methodology

Listen – ask – ponder, even after the course and post-course make use of your 30min of the one-on-one discussion with the lecturer.

Course outline

This course is presented by the lecturer with a limited slides presentation and you will be asked to make notes. This is not a straight-forward “textbook” course but a real-life experience summary on Operations within different industrial industry and settings.

Certification requirements

The course participant should be at least a team-leader within an organization and/or responsible for a department.

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