Scenario planning & decision making


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1 day on-site, 8 hours


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Course description

The only constants in today´s business or political environment are turbulence and change. “The urgent drives out the important” and as a result the important is not getting done . . . . only the urgent! This is not good and leads to failure!

This course introduces you into the art of strategic conversation within your working environment. SCENARIO PLANNING is one important tool for it. SCENARIO PLANNING does not attempt to predict what is unpredictable and for this reason considers multiple, equally plausible futures. Institutional testing of such futures or business ideas creates options for joint action. Joint action is something you need.

You will also learn the 7 steps of DECISION MAKING where SCENARIO PLANNING will be a great help to identify alternatives among you may decide what is best for your organization.

Learning objectives

You will learn what SCENARIO PLANNING is and what it can do for you in your professional life. You will learn or will be reminded on how to follow a step-by-step methodology to make the best decision available at the time amongst proven and well considered alternatives.

Learning methodology

Listen – ask – ponder even after the course and post-course make use of your 30min of the one-on-one discussion with the lecturer.

Course outline

This course is presented by the lecturer with a limited slides presentation and you will be asked to make notes. This is not a straight-forward “textbook” course but a real-life summary of international corporate experience in many industries.

Certification requirements

The course participant should be at least a team-leader within an organization.

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