Change management & leadership


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1 day on-site, 8 hours


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Course description

This course serves as an introduction into the professional world of a manager in industry or any other organization where “leading a team” is required and “Change Management” is on your task list.

It does not matter whether you are a TOP CEO, Operations- or a medium-level Manager. What matters is that you have to lead a team or teams towards a certain goal.

This course teaches you the fundamentals of LEADERSHIP and CHANGE MANAGEMENT and will answer questions such as: Where can LEADERSHIP help you on your job? What has LEADERSHIP got to do with CHANGE MANAGEMENT? What are the principles of LEADERSHIP you must apply? What is “CHANGE” and why must CHANGE be “managed”? Why do 70% or more of change projects fail?

Finally – in the last third of this course a case study will be presented and a “one-size fits all” change methodology – namely the “8-stage process of Kotter” will be explained and discussed.

Learning objectives

You will learn what LEADERSHIP can do for you and where your weaknesses are so that you can work on them. Hardly any leader was born – many successful leaders had a long way to go!

You will understand what CHANGE is and how to manage CHANGE no matter if it is just a departmental change or an entire turnaround of an organization involving 100s or 1.000s of employees.

Learning methodology

Listen – ask – ponder, even after the course and post-course make use of your 30min of the one-on-one discussion with the lecturer.

Course outline

This course is presented by the lecturer with a limited slides presentation and you will be asked to make notes. This is not a straight-forward “textbook” course but a real-life summary on Change Management & Leadership.

Certification requirements

The course participant should be at least a team-leader within an organization

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