Continuous improvement & metrics


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1 day on-site, 8 hours


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Course description

This course will help you to continuously improve your department or organization.

Remember: “WHAT GETS MEASURED GET´S DONE”. METRICS are needed for CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENTS (e.g. KAIZEN efforts). METRICS are needed to establish KPI´s – something you MUST apply in any case if you have to lead teams or organizations. Also: It is better to look ahead through your windshield rather than use always a rearview mirror (Profit & Loss figures or other performance reports) because you will be able to anticipate the future rather than being surprised by it and “react” rather than “act” in your seat as a manager. A strategy without METRICS is just a wish!

Learning objectives

You will learn what METRICS are, how you can select the right ones, how you measure them correctly and how you will do all that in a “teamplay” manner, even setting up KPIs in your team or organization. You will know the principles of KAIZEN & what a Balanced Score Card is and what it can do for you.

Learning methodology

Listen – ask – ponder, even after the course and post-course make use of your 30min of the one-on-one discussion with the lecturer.

Course outline

This course is presented by the lecturer with a limited slides presentation and you will be asked to make notes. This is not a straight-forward “textbook” course but a real-life summary on Change Management & Leadership.

Certification requirements

The course participant should be at least a team-leader within an organization.

All instructions regarding payment will be provided to participants upon registration for the training.


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