Why IT at Win?

The Center for Professional Development Win specializes in education in the field of Information Technology. The courses are aligned with the level of development of Information Technology, modern web services, internet marketing, and contemporary management approaches, meeting the demands arising from the practical application of knowledge in these areas within business systems.These courses enable participants to acquire essential knowledge for solving real problems related to understanding, installation, design, procurement, sales, and organization of IT activities within an organization.In addition, participants gain knowledge in designing and developing modern websites, understanding the functioning of social networks and cloud computing, which prepares them to effectively organize Internet marketing and enhance organizational performance using contemporary methods.

The outcome of these IT training programs consists of experts who can support an organization’s operations and make decisions based on the use of all available and up-to-date information. This is achieved through intensive data analysis, using decision support systems, business reporting, and other principles that fall under the term “big data” in recent times.


Training sessions that will be conducted in person. Depending on the training needs, it is possible to organize them either in our facilities or yours. Win has classrooms with a capacity of 60 participants per group.

Training sessions that will be conducted online using Microsoft Teams or Google Meet platforms. Each participant receives free access to the mentioned platforms during the training.

Customized training tailored to the client’s preferences and needs.