Trailer presentation of MBA Essentials

What is a leader – What is Leadership ?

  • How one becomes a leader and how a leader distinguishes her/himself from a manager
  • Hard & soft factors determining Leadership
  • Metrics & Leadership: It works only if all comes at the right time, at the right place, with the right person
  • Role of Leadership in Change Management

Change Management

  • What is Change, how often does it occur and how it can be managed?
  • Failure factors in Change Management
  • Burke´s Loop and the Gestalt Cycle
  • The dynamic of a Change Management Case (Megaprint, Wolf, K.J. (2019))
  • 8-stage Process of Kotter Theory & Megaprint case

Lean Project Management

  • Basics in Project Management (Agenda of a PM etc.)
  • Quality Cost Triangle – The pressure on the Project Manager
  • Top 10 Mistakes in PM

Scenario Planning

  • Part I is all about three paradigms of strategy (historical & philosophical development)
  • rationalism, evolutionism, processualism and their schools (preface book)
  • Scenario Planning is organizational learning (p.7)

Decision Making

  • 7 Steps of decision making
  • Scenario Planning can work down steps 2 to 5 of the 7 Steps of effective decision making

Lean Philosophy

  • What is LEAN – introduction (Value creation . . . not only waste elimination)
  • Quality Time Cost Triangle – A “Newtons Law”
  • Continuous Improvement (. . . make things better not *only* necessarily leaner)
  • D-M-A-I-C Methodology, Basic Way of Thinking Lean
  • 8 Forms of waste (Tim Wood +1)
  • Value Stream Mapping Principles, Pareto principle, 5 WHY´s
  • Not Knowing – Not Able – Not Willing Triangle – Change Management Basics
  • 5 S

Continuous Improvement & Metrics

  • Metrics & Leadership
  • Measurement Models
  • Define the Metrics required
  • Using Metrics to improve performance
  • Metrics as KPI and its linkage or combination with the monthly P/L

Instructor and lecturer


Training sessions that will be conducted in person. Depending on the training needs, it is possible to organize them either in our facilities or yours. Win has classrooms with a capacity of 60 participants per group.

MBA Essentials – information

Date: 16th of April

Time: 13h

Price: Admission is FREE

Location: Bulevar Peka Dapčevića 47a (old street name is Kumodraška 261) – MAPS LINK

Amphitheater: 015 (ground floor)

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