Lean project management


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1 day on-site, 8 hours


825 EUR + VAT

Course description

This course is designed for the typical medium to top level managers in industry or governmental organizations who will be given PROJECTS and need to manage them until completion. Usually, every project can be quite a challenge by itself without even considering the complex world and tools of PROJECT MANAGEMENT. In this course you will learn that there is a LEAN PROJECT MANAGEMENT TOOL where the combination of task lists, flow chart, simple excel with the result of simple, colored GANTT-CHARTS will absolutely do the job which anyone can do. Avoid additional stress through complex project management tools if you can. Simplest project documentation will help you to defend your time-line, resources and costs “easy to understand” before your senior management. You will also learn the TOP 10 MISTAKES you must avoid when managing projects.

Learning objectives

You will learn a simple LEAN PROJECT MANAGEMENT method and understand the TOP 10 mistakes in PROJECT MANAGEMENT.

Learning methodology

Listen – ask – ponder, even after the course and post-course make use of your 30min of the one-on-one discussion with the lecturer.

Course outline

This course is presented by the lecturer with a limited slides presentation and you will be asked to make notes. This is not a straight-forward “textbook” course but a summary of real life experience of many international projects where the lecturer learned what works and what not and what mistakes not to make.

Certification requirements

The course participant should be at least a team-leader within an organization and ideally has or will get tasks of project management.

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